Electric Cigarette Ireland

If you like the process of inhaling nicotine but don't like the by-products such as tar, tobacco and other chemicals then try electric cigarettes. The nicotine in electric cigarettes is stored as a liquid. When the smoker inhales, the nicotine is drawn up into an atomising chamber which turns it into a vapour. It is then inhaled as with an ordinary cigarette. Thus one of the chief advantages of electric cigarettes is that with the nicotine as a vapour they have no smell and are not anti-social.

If you are looking for something cheap electric cigarette kits are also the answer as they cost on average 75% less than normal cigarettes. Cheap electric cigarette kits are available via the internet. E-Lites, the premier electronic cigarette Ireland has on the market offer cheap electric cigarette kits combined with new technology in rechargeable batteries.

Currently E-Lites customers of electric cigarette Ireland based have to order them from the UK. However E-Lites, the premier electronic cigarette Ireland offers, is currently developing their Irish website. This means that those searching on the internet for electronic cigarette Ireland or electric cigarette Ireland will soon find a full website of information about this cheap alternative to traditional cigarettes. Customers of the electric cigarette Ireland will be able to order in batches of 80 or 200.